The Pulsite Solo digital rate and totaliser with battery or dc power

spec-logo Pulsite Solo Rate & Toal Indicator – Operational ‘Run’ Mode

rate total indicator

Pulsite Solo – Rate Total Indicator – Operational Run Mode



The Pulsite display can display 8 large characters which can display
numbers or some text characters. In addition, there is a line of smaller
characters that can display units from a pre-defined list. It is important
to note that there can be a noticeable lag between button presses
and their effect on the display!

In ‘normal’ flow measurement mode, either flow rate or total flow can
be displayed. If total flow is being displayed, the volume unit will also
be visible. If flow rate is being displayed, the volume unit will be visible
and also the time element will be flashing.

The left button toggles between flow rate and total flow. The right
button resets the count, if selected. Pressing both buttons for a
minimum of four seconds enters the menu system.